Terms & Condition

SpiderWorld Members Terms & Conditions


The SpiderWorld Member hereby agrees to abide by the terms & conditions / Code of Ethics of the SpiderWorld Network. As a good standing member, we fully subscribe to these business ethics/standards as stated below.


1. The membership period will be effective from the date of joining and after the successful settlement of the membership fee. Membership will be renewed on annual basis. 

2. We recommend all the members to agree upon the terms and condition including the payment terms and abide by the same to respect business ethics between the two partners., this is also legally verified by the legal team at the time of any claims. 

3. Members hereby agree that the settlement of the charges based on the agreed quote between the two partners is settled within the timeline agreed in the contract. The remitting party is responsible for all bank charges unless agreed otherwise. 

4. For all Freight Collect shipments, the destination agent (Partner) will take the responsibility of collection from the consignee and remit the fund to the origin/nominated agent. Extending any credit facility to the consignee at destination will be the sole responsibility of the destination agent and no claim can be made upon the origin office unless agreed otherwise through written communication. 

5. No verbal communication will be considered legitimate unless it is been supported with proof and written document

6. We acknowledge and agree that our company registered with SpiderWorld is responsible for all branch offices, both financially and ethically, whether said branch office is or is not a member of SpiderWorld. 

7. All members are advised to respect other member’s existing customers, confidential business data and to refrain from back-selling.

8. Generating sales leads for mutual benefit is always recommended within the network 

9. SpiderWorld does not recommend or encourage members to carry out businesses and or participate in unknown and or known activities where contents, products, and or any other element of the business is illegal by origin or destination countries 

10. SpiderWorld does not recommend or encourage business with the Embargo nations however if any partner is carrying such businesses will be completely under their sole responsibilities. No claims will be entertained by the SpiderWorld team

11. All Partners must agree to the terms and conditions prior to executing any business between the parties considering defined terms by SpiderWorld, Refer Clause No. (2 & 3) 

12. Members must be prompt in responding to all communications on priority, we strictly advise members to respond within 24 hours maximum (factoring working days).

13. Profit share will have to be agreed between the members through written communication and all members are requested to abide by the payment terms refer Clause no. 3. 

14. All additional quoted or unforeseen charges such as Storage, Demurrage, Fines, etc. at cost along with official invoice/receipt will have to be presented upon demand by the destination agent.

15. It is the sole responsibility to inform SpiderWorld towards all and or any default and or delinquencies and report all disputes, financial or otherwise, involving another SpiderWorld member. 

16. SpiderWorld administration team is legally allowed by the partners to participate in dispute resolution and the dispute resolution process (binding arbitration) by providing documented proof of facts in any such dispute. 

17. It is mandatory by every member to keep SpiderWorld informed promptly of any changes to the company’s name, staff, contact details, Trade License Renewal, and other information as required. 

18. No fees will be refunded to members if they cancel the membership and or their membership is canceled by the SpiderWorld management due to disputes and or unsolved issues, verified complaints by the network partners, etc. 

19. By Joining the SpiderWorld membership program, we confirm and authorize SpiderWorld Team to use our Logo and Company information on their Web Portal and for other digital media and also during their events as promotional content and or as informative information including updating to partners for delinquencies, cancellation of membership, disputes such as unsolved issues, payment disputes, etc. 

I/We further understand that these terms and conditions are subject to updates, changes, and/or amendments. Notification of any such changes will be done via the SpiderWorld bulletin, and updates posted on the website. I/We have read and understood the above terms and conditions and agree to abide by them and decided to join the most dynamic platform SpiderWorld.