Our Features


SpiderWorld is among the fastest-growing & vibrant partner platforms which allows members to build an exclusive network among themselves and ease the business between the partners by defining their terms. Our membership program is designed with added advantages to ensure support to every member. Your growth is our business and with our tag line “Keep Connecting” we will ensure that you have equal business share and support among the partners. SpiderWorld Membership plan is categorized under 3 (three) segments for members to enjoy exciting features, benefits, and protection plan. Each member can also enjoy the benefit of adding additional branches with a special discounted price upon signing up as the main office.

Special Featuring on Spider website

We allow our partners to showcase their company profiles and promote their business on our website. Our platform is a global platform and every partner gets an opportunity to take the advantage of global reach. The promotion will be connected to your membership period year on year basis, so to enjoy the ultimate benefit we advise our members to enroll for this facility from the starting date of the membership. For further clarification, you may contact our Brand Management team.

Spider Fin-Pro

Spider World provides financial protection plan between the members, under 3(three) different categories the plan is defined to increase the member’s benefit. However, we urge all members to redefine the credit limit and extend business cooperation keeping this as your base. All claims are reviewed by the legal desk and all members are requested to strictly maintain the commitment within the partner network, failing of which the management of SpiderWorld reserve all rights to terminate the membership with a notification to the members.

The Fin-Pro is defined as up to USD 25,000 Per year & up to USD 5000 per transaction for Platinum Members & up to USD 20,000 Per year & up to USD 3000 per transaction for Gold Members.




• Each member must agree to the credit terms separately before the business and a copy of the agreement should be retained whilst submitting the claim.

• Each member is covered with USD25,000 for a Platinum member with no more than USD 5000 per transaction/claim amount and USD 20,000 for a Gold member with no more than USD 3000 per transaction/claim amount. 

• Claim towards Non-Payment should be filed with the Legal department of SpiderWorld within 15 days of the agreed grace period between two parties.

• Claim settlement is entitled to Gold & Platinum members only based on the criteria mentioned above.

• The above transaction does not include any break-bulk or project cargo and or transactional value where it is beyond USD 5000 per transaction

• A claim will be entertained if the respective branch is registered as a Platinum or Gold member only. If  the main branch is registered as Gold or Platinum and the branch office is registered under Silver  membership, then the respective branch will not be coming under the Spider Fin-Pro program

• Claims are covered and entertained only when both the branches are falling under Platinum or Gold membership

Special Discount for Marine Insurance

We are offering marine insurance services for selected countries through our business associates and this service is open to all the members for getting their marine insurance covered through our portals. We have exclusive deals for Spider members and you may enjoy the benefit of it and also this will help you to generate profit for your organization.

Special Induction on Services

We will run our special program for our members upon sign up with SpiderWorld where we will take them through all our services, contact center, legal department, claim process, marine insurance cover, etc. this will help your entire team to make use of the membership program effectively.

Train your Staff through Spider Academy

Our goal is to add value to our partner’s business, we understand how busy you are, hence, we have collaborated with our associated partners and introduced special training on the various department with practical training utilizing global professionals from a reputed organization who would undertake such training for your staff and provide them with all practical and relevant case studies of the industry. Such course can be benefiting not only the next generation but also to all your experienced staff who would be keen to take the specialization course on sales & marketing, project cargo, sea freight or air freight. this initiative of Spider world is designed for the interest of our business partners where their team can get the training free of cost. This program is extended to all Gold & Platinum Members; however, this service is also open to Silver member against an additional payment.

Forwarding Software Discount for Partners

SpiderWorld facilitates an exclusive partnership with the world’s leading ERP system providers where every partner can enjoy the exclusivity of special rates and avail the world-class ERP system available. With our membership forum, this service will be open to all members where they will enjoy the partnership and expand their productivity.

Agency Collaboration Support

We aim to validate the information and filter the onboarding system with unique registration process. We are committed to introduce partners from the various parts of the world. Your business is important to us and with our global search you will find an efficient & promising partner.

Credit Check Support for Selected Countries

SpiderWorld does not limit its scope to Membership but also wants to assist you with your ongoing business. We understand the importance of business and secure payment for you. Our unique and customized products where we have tied up with Credit Rating organization in respective locations. Through this portal, you would have access to deal with such companies and you may undertake their services for your business. To ease your business, we have defined both rates and timelines keeping in mind, “your business is our focus”.

Conference for Prime Member

We aim to conduct yearly events for our members where association and meeting in person will take place. We believe every member has the right to meet their partners and it is only possible to meet all of them through a Global Conference where every member will have equal opportunity to travel and meet their members in person and exchange business talks! Our conferences are designed very differently since we want to look after our members and give them a unique experience keeping in mind you need to be fresh for every single business meeting. We believe this is your Business Investment with your partners.

Golf Tour

Business with Leisure is the perfect combination of Business and Mind. We aim to look after our partners through a relaxing mode without stopping the business discussion. We will entertain our exclusive guest in GOLF TOUR during every event of SpiderWorld and the members can easily build their business relationship and continue to do business globally

M&A assistance

SpiderWorld understands your business collaboration including Mergers & Acquisitions. To facilitate the support, we have tied up with renowned partners who can help our partners to evaluate and verify suitable business. They also help in completing the entire process with compliance and international standard process to proceed with M&A with others organizations. However, the risk element in M&A is tremendous, yet also this is a very successful model. We decided to bring this model to our partners and such process will help your business to expand locally and globally.

Lead Generation on a discounted rate

SpiderWorld has tied up with various lead generation organizations for Logistics, especially for Freight Forwarders. Since everyone is looking at a cost reduction option with team size, we feel this product will enhance your business and support your team to generate leads without investing in big team. Every member can avail of this service and begin coordinating with respective organizations using our unique code number and enjoy the exclusive rates.

Spider Pay

SpiderWorld introduces a unique payment model which will ease the payments between the partners. By using this feature, you will reduce bank charges drastically which will help you to convert your business better, we understand your business situation in a competitive market, hence, we have taken this initiative to ease business.

Dedicated Business Support Desk

SpiderWorld Team is the backbone of the organization globally, our team speaks multiple languages including English, French, Chinese, Indian, Arabic, Spanish, etc. with multi-linguistic teams, we aim to serve you better. Our dedicated support team is segregated into various elements such as Customer Support, Brand Ambassadors, Legal Desk, Corporate Desk, etc. we are available for you without any barrier of Time Zone.

Welcome Kit

We welcome our partners with great honor, our customized-designed Welcome KIT initiative will make every customer special. Our aim to acknowledge each member and value them with an Exclusive pack. Our welcome KIT will carry various elements of the membership including a detailed guide.